• PIC NIC´s History

    Three ground floor buildings were built in 1931 on the new seafront along with the Maria Teresa swimming pool. The first of them, the one closest to the church, known world over as "La Punta" (The Point), and next to the pine grove that was swept away by a storm, was known as El Brollador (The Spring), because there was a small, circular fountain inside. It later went on to become the prestigious Orxateria Valenciana (Valencian Horchata Shop).


In late 1955 and early 1956, our father, Josep Maria Matas Barceló, reached an agreement to manage the establishment. He’d fallen in love with its seafront location and its entrance from the esplanade that gave it a certain air of Ibiza.

He undoubtedly had a great forward-looking approach. At the time the film "Picnic" was being screened in Spain, with a multitudinous lunch held on the splendour of the grass that was, at the same time, intimate for its leading man and lady: William Holden and the blond Kim Novak who had become the platonic love of every man in the universe.

It was probably in her honour that the Orxateria Valenciana was rechristened with its present name, PIC NIC.

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